A New era of made in Italy


Made in Italy

Italy is one of the most distinguished exporters in the world, earning a staggering 1.500 billion US $ in export revenue in 2016. However, only 4% of Italian companies with more than 10 employees sell at least 1% of their products online. The estimated value of counterfeit goods sold under the label “Made in Italy” surpasses 7 billion each year. In fact, the main obstacle for customers around the world regarding the purchase of Made in Italy goods, is the uncertainty of the authenticity.

Italian Export

$1.500 Billions

Interest growth


PMI Sells Online



€7 Billions


The first Blockchain Ecosystem for Made in Italy

RockerChain's ecosystem aims at:

  • Developing Italian export through cryptocurrencies, with a focus on food, fashion and design
  • Reducing the complexity behind cross-border e-commerce
  • Making value generated by cryptocurrencies more tangible and real over time

Develop cross-border exports

Guarantee the authenticity of the products and the traceability of the entire supply chain

Develop growth through ICOs

Make it accessible to all cryptocurrency owners in the world.


Rockerchain Ecosystem

The cross-border e-commerce distribution platform

Promote Made in Italy excellencies all over the world and facilitate the access as well as purchase to cryptocurrency holders.

Anti-counterfeiting system based on blockchain

Guarantees the authenticity of the product and the traceability of the entire production and distribution chain: from the producer to the consumer.

Mobile app

Manage all e-commerce services, anti-counterfeiting technologies and payments within the ecosystem from your smartphone.


Player benefits

Actors Benefits

Worlwide Customers

  • Buy and receive products "Made in Italy" worldwide
  • Assure the quality and authenticity of purchased items (through the anti-counterfeiting system)
  • Pay with our cryptocurrency

Excellencies Manufacturer "Made in Italy"

  • Enable new channels and new international markets
  • Protect the own brand against counterfeiting
  • Leverage ICOs to expand their business

RockerChain Ecosystem

  • Increase overall sales of “Made in Italy” products worldwide
  • Expand the adaption of the anti-counterfeiting system
  • Enhance the ecosystem with new manufecturers and clients
  • Increase credibility of RockerChain as guarantor of quality and authenticity