• Crowdfunding potential
  • Capital gain conversion in real
  • High interest in ICO / token economy

RockerChain is the first ecosystem for commerce, verification and protection of Made in Italy products.
The ecosystem protects clients from frauds and fake products. It enables export and allows you to purchase goods with cryptocurrencies.

Our goal is to simplify Italy’s export, protecting producers as well as clients. Thanks to our experienced team and our technology we are able to:

  • Authenticate and select exclusive Italian
  • Prevent the falsification and copy of
  • Simplify export due to our partnership with ITLM – Italmondo a respected source in worldwide
  • Facilitate the use of cryprocurrencies as the method of
  • Fund producers of Italian excellencies

Our team is a diverse group of talented individuals. They are more than capable of rising to the challenge of even the most difficult tasks that a project of this nature demands. They have experience in the leading multinational corporations of the IT, logistics, consulting and financial service industries. That expertise allows us to structure the project in the most effective way possible. Some of our Advisors are currently C-levels in companies that focus on online sales and on-site world-wide sales of Italian products. For detailed information about the team’s composition please refer to the dedicated area on the website.

The well-rooted presence in Italy, the team’s composition as well as the profound knowledge of Made in Italy products of excellencies allows us to be one step ahead of other projects in the industry. There is no other blockchain based project focussing on enhancing Made in Italy worldwide, with our structure as well as our contacts.

We are not just an e-commerce! We are a complete ecosystem with substantial expertise in synergy with one another, at the same time, independent. Each element has its own identity and can be used individually. Our strength lies in the cooperation of the individual elements, which enables us to spread Italian excellencies across the globe.

Yes! Every service is independent and can be used autonomously. The only binding requirement is that the payment is in RockerCoin.

Besides having access to the ecosystem’s services our token allows the participation in special events and other favorable sales campaigns. The token does not give any right to company shares, dividends of associated enterprises, nor does it generate any kind of profit.

First of all, the token can be exchanged with actual goods in our ecosystem. Furthermore, holders of RockerCoin tokens will be awarded with the following benefits:

  • Participation in pre-sales of future issued
  • Exclusive access to special offers reserved for token holders
  • Access to contests and mystery boxes

Tokens will be available on https://rockercoin.io/ through smart contract on Ethereum platform during the ICO. After that they will be available on the main exchanges.

As indicated in the white paper, there will be a pre-sales for family and friends as well as a discount through reservation contract subsequently. For further information please refer to the chapter “token sales” in the white paper.

The token will be listed on the main exchange platforms.

The Ethereum blockchain is used to handle all transactions thanks to the ERC20 token RockerCoin (RKR). Blockchain NEO and IPFS will be used for anti-counterfeiting and for the storage of production data.

Ad hoc marketing campaigns for each country and culture of interest will be realized with the aim of promoting our project properly. Our team is experienced in managing world wide marketing campaigns and we are currently collaborating with leading communication agencies. Our clients will participate in special contests such as mystery box in order to promote new products. A referral campaign will be active in order to promote word of mouth recommendation and increase sales.

Suppliers are being chosen by our certifier after carefully analyzing the entire supply chain as well as quality of the products. Greater importance will be given to manufacturers that produce according to international organic and sustainable standards.

We are about to conclude agreements regarding the use of logos and the development of social media strategies.

Tokens will be available through Ether during the ICO. They will be exchangeable on the main exchanges in the next step.

Tokens are used to have access to the services and to purchase goods in the ecosystem.

Tokens will be exchangeable on the main exchanges.

Since it is a token based on real economy, a total loss of value is unlikely. The structure of the ecosystem, divided in individual areas guarantees a diversification of the risk on the inside of the project.
The token’s value can not be warranted.

All details regarding the distribution as well as constraints of the token are specified in the white paper.

  • Token benefit: access to pre-sales, commercial
  • Repurchase up to 2% of circulating
  • Market and product growth with a consequently increasing demand on trading volumes compared to fixed assets

We want to share this project with you in order to create synergy and optimize its success.

You will be contacted by our investor relators.

In order to create a fund.

ICOs that have been closed successfully are different in target, they focus on a particular problem. We have chosen the target of cross-border export of made in Italy products. Our team has the expertise needed to reach our goal. Furthermore we can count on the power of the brand “Made in Italy” and use it as a promotional tool.

Based on the feedbacks of the gruppo ITLM – Italmondo is already working in the e-commerce industry on the Asian market, we will be aggressively pursuing a new sector characterized by the purchase of Made in Italy through cryptocurrencies.

The blockchain technology keeps all transactions public.